Operating in the Courts of Heaven, Revised & Expanded


Operating in the Courts of Heaven has become an international bestseller that has supernaturally transformed lives all over the world. Its not another prayer strategy; its a blueprint for engaging a spiritual dimension called the Courts of Heaven. Robert Henderson Biblically teaches believers how to come before the Court and present their cases of unanswered prayers or delayed breakthroughs to the Righteous Judge.In this new and updated edition featuring brand new material, Robert presents fresh Biblical insights and a systematic framework that shows all believers how to enter the Courts of Heaven. In addition, Robert answers common questions about the Courts and reveals how this place in the spirit is available to all believers through Jesus blood.Discover how to:

Engage the three dimensions of prayer, experiencing God as Father, Friend and Judge.
Shift from battlefield to courtroom prayer.
Apply the verdict of Jesus finished work on the cross.
Understand how Christians can remove generational curses.
Recognize your accuser, and overrule his cases against you.
Access and unlock your book of destiny.
Enter and operate in the court of Heaven by faith.

Gods passion is to answer your prayers. When you learn how to operate in the court of Heaven, you can undo the spiritual legalities that stand in the way of your answered prayer. Get ready for miraculous results!


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